Dirk Hartog


Last year I flew to Dirk Hartog Island off the WA coast.  It is within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and about 80 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide. It is a widely renowned as an excellent fishing area and an important place for the nesting of sea-turtles and sharks. The discoveries on Dirk Hartog Island are endless.IMG_4251






As part of our adventures we went on a deep sea fishing expedition 30 kilometres off Steep Point. We caught Rankin Cod, Tomato Cod, Honeycomb Cod, Sweetlips Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Pink Snapper and Trevally.

The Trevally was the hardest won fish as they fight hard on the line. Even though we finally did catch one, we didn’t keep it as they are poor tasting – but, the fun was in the catch.  IMG_4310








On Easter Sunday we went out on the barge with all our friends. Before we took off, a shark came right into shore and someone caught it so we could have a look, before he set it free. It was an amazing experience to see a shark so close up, it was beautiful.

IMG_4282This is me and my dad with a …… Can you tell me what fish this is?